Welcome to Ashli Thompson’s Music Studio!

My studio is located in Falcon, Colorado, where I am currently enrolling piano and vocal students of all ages and skill levels.   I recommend beginning piano students at age 8 (second grade) as piano is easier to learn once a child can read and his/her hands are large enough to navigate the keyboard.   Vocal students do best when they can read well.  I welcome adult students of any age—it is never too late to learn to sing or play an instrument!  If you feel that you or your child are ready to make piano or voice lessons a part of your life, register now on the registration page and I will contact you to schedule a free initial consultation. 



A Little More About Me:


I have been a performing pianist and accompanist for 25 years and a piano teacher for 20 years.   I have accompanied vocalists, choirs, ensembles, and musical productions.   I love working with beginning pianists and introducing them to the world of music!  It has also been my pleasure to work with more accomplished musicians in helping them fine tune their performances and compose original music.   I also have extensive experience in vocal performance and am currently studying and performing folk harp music and directing a chamber group. 



“Music is well-said to be the speech of angels.”


~ Thomas Carlysle